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Ţara: Rusia
Limbi: Russian, English

Member since: 23 August 2023
Last activity: 23 Februarie 2024
My name is Irina. I am 47. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. I work as an operating nurse and really love my job, so I will be interested in any postcard on medical topics or stamps with medicines.
I have a husband and three children. In my free time I like to read books, buy them or borrow them from the library. My surname means "woodpecker" in Russian, so I love birds, it will be great to get their image. There is a park near my house where we walk with children and watch birds, animals and flowers.
I am interested in learning something new about people and life in other countries. I will be glad to receive something mentioning the traditions and habits of your country. Lottery ticket, food advertising, stamps - it will be great! It will be interesting for me to get a beautiful bird feather as a souvenir.
We drink tea every day, if you decide to send tea in a bag, it will be interesting to find out what taste of tea you like.
I will be very happy to receive postcards with woodpeckers, crows or other birds, with clover or other flowers, with the image of medicine (doctors, nurses, instruments ...), with your national costumes or food. Stickers or stamps are very welcome.
I really like curly postcards. If you send a postcard in the form of something, I will be very very happy!
I will be glad to read the letter if you write something about yourself and your life. Unfortunately, I don't know English very well, in difficult cases I use a translator on the computer. Please, if you write something to me, write legibly or type. Thanks! I love you!
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