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Ţara: Spania
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Member since: 18 Noiembrie 2020
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Hello fellow postcrossers,

greetings from Spain.
I have been a postcrosser since childhood - it all began paralel to my stamp-collecting. A coulpe of years ago, I started again through webpages like this one.
I´m not particularly pricky regarding postcard themes, so whatever you send with a nice stamp or stamps on it, if possible :) will be more welcome. If it doesn´t imply more expenses to you, please send it in an envelope - its easiert to get the stamps off.

you have a rather unsual postcard at hand, that is, no the typical tourist-card, I will really appreciate it, as well. But I understand it harder every day to find these kind of cards.

you have an airplane postcard at hand, the same (civilian, military or cargo). I pass most cards on to a 6-yr-old nephew of mine, who loves them and, thanks to postcrossers from all over the world, is getting aware (and very interested) in countries, nature, places and people from other parts of this wide but small planet. His main topic of interest now is planes.
Maybe he will become a postcrosser too in due time. Who knows...

Last but not least, I´m a hobby photographer and very often send my own cards, whenever there is a chance. Usually postcrosser state this ( or that they dislike home-made cards).
And that´s it.

I will also try my best to match the likes and preferences of the adressees I get, as far as possible.

Looking forward to getting and sending cards all over the world :)
I wish you a happy postcrossing to you all!

P.d.1: kindly please state You´ve got mail YGM with the number-code.
P.d.2: I would greatly appreciate, if you DO NOT upload my cards (should you like it) to Instagram or any other self-called "social media". Thanks very much por your comprehension.
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