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Ţara: Italia
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Member since: 09 Iunie 2020
Last activity: 12 Februarie 2024
Hi ^-^
I have opened a small online shop where I sell my handmade creations, if you like take a look: https: //
or follow me on instagram: brenda_di_lorenzo

08/20/22 today I received an unattractive message in the mail, which judges my person and my tastes from head to toe, adding that my profile is pretentious.
I meant that I don't ask for anything expensive, so I wrote "video games" among the things I like, I mean that I appreciate receiving postcards, stickers or video game-themed drawings. obviously I don't want to receive a game for the console!
Also the fact that I added clothes to the list, I put them after I got a pair of socks with teddy bears on them in an swap, at that moment I was the happiest girl in the world. I obviously don't want you to send me the Gucci bag. He also had to say that I like erotic postcards, yes I admit. I am a woman and I love erotic illustrations. Thank you.

Hello visitor :)
My name is Brenda, I will be 29 years old in 2023, and I am under the sign of Gemini.
I live in the hilly area of the city of San Mauro, in northern Italy. Together with me there are my husband Flavio, a little dog named Bianca and many cats :)
I have many passions even if the most important is drawing, I like to try new materials, so if you want to share with me a new material, you will make me happy. Sketchbooks are my fixation, of all sizes, from A6 to tiny ones. I love stationery, both kawaii and non-kawaii.
If you want to make me very happy you can send me something BrowlStars themed, it's a mobile video game, which I've been following for two years now, I love it! I like Korean boy bands, they are all so beautiful *_* I got to know Japanese and Korean music many years ago when I was in high school :)
If you have a few postcards, a tourist one will do, if you have a choice I love it:
-sexy/erotic (but not parody or funny)
If you send me clothes:
-shirt/top: Size L
-socks: size 39/40
If you want to send sweets: please nothing too hard, no nuts or hazelnuts, almonds. No citrus blehh

you can find me on instagram as: Killermal94
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