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Ţara: Rusia
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Member since: 12 Ianuarie 2024
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Hi! My name is Alina.I live in the capital of Eastern Siberia.
I working as a doctor's assistant. I make paper collages, listen to rock and folk, I like to go to the theater and to concerts of my favorite bands. + i`m engaged in artistic photography :)
I love art in any of its manifestations, one of Aivazovsky's most beloved paintings, The Ninth Shaft. I am also collecting my home library, at the moment I have more than 50 books.
I really love the forest and everything connected with it. I love the symbolism of the sun

It would be great to get an envelope with attachments, for example with tea from your country, bookmarks for books,tickets to places where you have been, transport tickets, stickers, a magnet, brochures, advertising posters. PLEASE, write something about yourself. Whether it`s a life story, a book/music recommendation, or a recipe for your favorite dish :)) If you are interested in correspondence by letters, write to me about it. I will be glad to make friends with you

You can attach any postcards, but here are my favorite themes:
- postal topics, books
- houses in the forest/ in the village
- vintage
- postcards from postcrosser meetings
- sea/ocean
- the place where you live/national cuisine
- featuring geese, ducks, horses and cats
- temated holidays poscards
- something related to music
- postcards with painted sun, moon

I'll be looking forward to it! All the best

Друзья мои,если у вас есть открытки на тему музыкальных рок групп, я буду чрезмерно благодарна их получить! Мои любимые группы: "Кино" "КиШ" "Гражданская оборона"
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