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Profil Kitty
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Ţara: Statele Unite ale Americii
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Member since: 26 Februarie 2024
Last activity: 11 Iunie 2024
Hello, my name is Cat and I live in Wyoming. I am Native American Indian, Eastern Shoshone and my husband is Northern Arapaho. We have been married 20 years. We are both in our early 40's. We have 3 grown boys and no grandchildren yet. We have 2 Siamese cats that are our spoiled fur babies and we have one dog who gets to go to work with me everyday.


* Cats! hahaha!
* Anything silly
* Strange, scary, unusual
* Unicorns, bigfoot, cryptids etc.
* Something that YOU find pretty
* Adult themes
* Gothic or gore
* Handmade
* Really, just about anything!

What to write? Tell me about your pets, your family and/or your life. Tell me what is your favorite childhood memory. Tell me a funny story. Tell me something sad. What is your favorite quote? What is your favorite song? Do you think aliens, bigfoot, ghosts or other cryptids exist? Do you celebrate the holidays? Have you met a celebrity? What scares you in life?

Dislikes: I really don't have any dislikes. I don't like spiders or creepy crawlies but I can read about
them or look at pictures.

I collect postcards and coins or banknotes. You could literally send just about anything and I would be happy! I really enjoy hearing from people and their lives and stories.

I like to read non fiction and true crime. I am also subscribed to postcrossing, it is a site that you sign up to send postcards all across the world and it is a whole lot of fun!
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