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Profil Tessa
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Ţara: Ţările de jos
Limbi: Dutch, English

Member since: 22 Decembrie 2022
Last activity: 17 Martie 2023
Hi everyone,

My name is Tessa, a Ravenclaw, and I live in a small town in the south of the Netherlands, just below Eindhoven.
I live there with my cat. She is all white, with black ears and a black tail. She is 10 years old and very sweet. Her name is Poes, wich is the dutch word for cat. She is very lazy, sleeps all day.

In my free time I like to be creative in many ways.
I enjoy many crafts.
I sew a lot of stuffed animals. it's so fun to see them come to live, adding arms and legs.
At the moment I'm in love with the sewing patterns of studio seren. Love these animals!
I made the bunnies, dogs, cats and deers.

I also like to watch movies/netflix, going to the zoo or the Efteling, and listening to audiobooks while I'm crafting .
I like to be with my family.

**random things I like**
* botanical illustrations
* lace fabric, lace trimmings, and lace flowers etc
* springtime, feeling the sun on my face, summertime
* pastel colours, old vintage colours
* hearts, chevron, polkadots, stripes
* woodland animals, peacocks, foxes
* (samples of) soap and shampoo bars, conditioner etc. Handmade is great! Or maybe a recipe (my hair looks so much healthier now I use an all natural shampoo bar)
* flipbooks, mail art
* vintage typewriters
* my family and friends
* mermaids, fairies, old school fairytales (not a big disneyfan).
* Alice in wonderland, Little Red Ridinghood
* Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, nifflers and bowtruckels

**Crafting/Wishlist** (in random order)
* labels, I love labels, the plain ones with a red/green/other colour border, vintage labels with scribbles, labels with daintly borders, etc.
* vellum, with or without an image
* I collect enamel pin badges!, animals, flowers, world famous things, fun food (please no pins of things I never heard of, like a local business or advertising pins)
* sealing wax, and stamps
* bookpages and sheetmusic, other interesting fonts
* lace, cheesecloth, trims etc, even tiny pieces are welcome
* fabric to use to make clothes for my handmade softies
* things for my junk journal, I prefer the following styles / themes: botanical, vintage, tickets and tags, flowers, feathers, postal theme, old sewing patterns, birds, vintage office papers, library cards, washi tape and washi stickers in these themes.
* mail art, I love decorated envelopes!
* Wide washi tape, washi stickers
* burt's bees with pomegranate lipbalm

I know this feels like a really big wishlist. But it's just a list to take inspiration from if you don't know what to send. I demand nothing and am happy with whatever you send me!

I prefer it if you would not send me coins or banknotes. It's better to send them to someone who collects them and enjoys them more than I do.

I appreciate the speedy register of surprises that I send. Nice to know the envie is not lost in the mail.

**Random things I don't like**
* Religious anything
* please don't send me sticky notes.
* Unwritten postcards of places where I`ve never been
* diddl, hello kitty, kawaì, other kids characters
* rude people
* reward or kiddie stickers
* the smell of nicotine, it makes me sick
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